Quality Assurance Engineer

 Chicago, IL
 2 months ago

About TrendSpider

TrendSpider builds the world's most powerful trading software. As one of the only trading-tech companies founded and operated by traders, we have a unique insight into the desires of the trading community and a unique product roadmap and vision to meet the needs of the community. We have over 10,000 active users, and have grown very rapidly in just three years time. Our platform has won numerous awards, including the 2021 Benzinga Fintech Award for Best Trading Technology, among others. We operate as a global distributed team and are focused on hiring and retaining the best talent regardless of geographical location. 


About the Product

TrendSpider is a professional tool for those who trade anything from stocks to cryptos. We provide smart retail traders, financial advisors and hedge funds with the market research and algo trading platform. The product is an ecosystem of inter-connected tools, which means that the range of variability in functionality is significant.  


Position Description 

TrendSpider development team needs a Quality Assurance engineer. As a Quality Assurance engineer, you will be responsible for the following:


  1. Participate in working on details and descriptions for tasks for developers
  2. Ensure that all the functionality we build has sufficient level of quality
    1. Work with developers to define required coverage for lower level automated test (unit tests, integration tests etc)
    2. Define required coverage for e2e tests and build them
    3. Provide sufficient coverage with manual testing
    4. Build tests plans so developers could check functionality they build
  3. Make product decisions at a certain level of responsibility
  4. Pay attention to small details like this one and enter the word "blue" in the job code text box on the application (to avoid fake applications and bots)
  5. Participate in adjusting the QA process to be up to date with the best practices


Required Experience

Here is the relevant experience that is required for this position:


  1. Writing test plans
  2. Writing automated tests in JS using Puppeteer
  3. Experience trading will be a significant advantage

Overall, we expect you to have experience working in a similar position for at least 3 years. 


Team Structure

The workflow on the team is a lightweight mix of scrum and kanban, with a low level of formality. There’s a small QA team, but engineers test their work too. 


The team is all remote, with staff in a half dozen countries ranging from the United States to Argentina to Ukraine. In order to effectively perform the duties in this position, conversational fluency in both Russian and English is a must. Spanish is a plus, but is not required. 


At this position, you will also have a chance to work with active traders. You will be able to learn about markets and trading as a whole, dive into backtesting and algorithmic trading. In general, if you’re interested in trading and want to dive deep, then this is the right place for you.

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