Product Designer

 Property Meld
 10 months ago

About Property Meld:

We’re on a mission to radically improve the property management landscape. Remember that agonizing wait for your rental's maintenance issue to be fixed? We believe it shouldn’t be that way. At Property Meld, we’re innovating the property maintenance experience, driving down costs, and improving satisfaction levels for residents, owners, and property managers alike.

As we rewrite the rules of property maintenance, we’re seeking a dynamic Product Designer—a design visionary ready to craft, advocate, and educate. This isn't just a design role; it's an opportunity to embed your fingerprint into the very DNA of our product.

What You'll Contribute:

✔️ User Advocacy: Engage directly with users, ensuring their needs guide our design direction.

✔️ Holistic Design Thinking: From intuitive wireframes to detailed designs, you'll craft experiences that resonate.

✔️ Design Leadership: Elevate our design system, ensuring consistency and innovation.

✔️ Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work hand-in-hand with engineering, marketing, and sales, blending business objectives with stellar design.

✔️ User Metrics & Feedback: Design isn't just about looks. You'll be pivotal in assessing user satisfaction and iterating based on tangible data.

Your Strengths:

🔹 Proactive Drive: With a strong bias for action, you’re ready to lead and initiate.

🔹 Data-Driven Design: Your decisions are informed by both qualitative and quantitative insights.

🔹 Agility: Adaptability is your second name. You're ready to iterate based on feedback.

🔹 Customer-Centricity: Users are your north star. Every design choice prioritizes their needs.

🔹 Broad & Detailed Design Approach: You see the big picture without losing sight of the pixels.

🔹 Effective Communication: As our design torchbearer, you’ll articulate and share the design’s value, ensuring it’s woven into our company's fabric.

Why You'll Thrive Here:

🚀 5-8 years of deep experience in web application design, understanding its unique challenges.

🚀 A track record of delivering top-tier products.

🚀 Versatility in design: Whether you’re a generalist or a specialist with a knack for adjacent design fields.

🚀 A keen sense of measuring user engagement and value.

Our Offerings:

  • Competitive Salary: $100-150k
  • Comprehensive Health & Wellness Packages
  • Employee Equity: Every employee is an investor in our success.
  • 401K Planning
  • Four Weeks PTO
  • Personalized Remote Work Equipment
  • Engaging Travel Opportunities

Location Flexibility:

While we embrace the remote work culture, we believe in the magic of personal connections
Annual company meet-ups and quarterly customer visits will offer a refreshing change of scenery and perspective.

If you're ready to be the design lighthouse in our exciting voyage, let’s chat! 🚀 🚀 🚀




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