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 9 months ago

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

About arcab

Arcab is a technology enabled bus aggregator that empowers fleet owners to make more money by increasing the utilization of their vehicles. We are tackling the 250B$ MENA market for moving people and things. We are growing rapidly working with the largest fleet operators in the region with thousands of vehicles in our supply pool. We show fleet operators that you don't need more vehicles to make more money. By sharing the fixed costs of vehicles, we're able to increase revenues for fleet operators, decrease costs for corporations and provide a great user experience for the end user. Arcab has received backing and support from global and regional investors and is part of leading accelerators and incubators in the region such as HUB71 (Mubadala, SoftBank, ADGM) and Dubai Future Accelerators (by Dubai Future Foundation). 

About The Job

As a Creative Graphic Designer, you will play a vital role in our marketing and product development efforts, helping to shape and communicate our brand identity and product visuals. You will collaborate closely with our marketing team, design team, and developers to produce visually stunning designs that captivate our target audience and elevate our brand presence. 

You Would

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements, objectives, and target audience, ensuring design solutions align with the company's vision and goals.
  • Create visually compelling and on-brand designs for various digital and print media, including promotional materials, website assets, social media content, and more.
  • Utilize industry-standard software tools to design, edit, and retouch graphics, illustrations, and photographs to enhance visual impact.
  • Create wireframes, storyboards, and mock-ups to effectively communicate design concepts and iterate on designs based on feedback from stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with external vendors, such as printers and production houses, to ensure high-quality output of printed materials and packaging designs.
  • Assist with the creation and maintenance of digital assets, including icons, logos, banners, and other visual elements for the company's digital platforms.
  • Maintain an organized and easily accessible digital library of design assets and files for efficient retrieval and collaboration purposes. 

We’d Love To Meet If You Have

  • Articulate with self-presentation, professional and outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Able to maintain composure under pressure through polite and tactful nature
  • A high degree of professionalism, sound judgment, and the ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Excellent English written and oral communication skills
  • Solution-orientated, and proactive, able to take initiative and work independently
  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and can prioritize effectively 

Why arcab

You have no idea what’s possible until you’ve worked here. Yup, bold statement; because arcab is not yesterday’s bus company. We’re also not a trillion dollar corporation or rich in legacy. But we got heart (and a bit of cash). Heart to build what we love and fulfill one mission of ours — to make the world move together. Easy? We thought it would be, but it’s not.

We have work to do. First, enable communities of people to get to places that matter to them, tell people that their cars are no good for everyday use (good luck with that), and fill every empty seat. Second, make way for less crowded roads, then use roads to introduce other consumer services like never before. Third, we don’t even know yet.

It is likely that this job post was sent or shared with you. It is also likely that you’re reading this while working at that corporate you’ve always wanted to be with. But wait, take a minute. Breathe in, breathe out. There is so much here to learn, build and be responsible for. So, if you got what it takes, that blue button down there must be really important. 

Work Here If You’re

  • Driven, accountable, humble and honest to the point.
  • A collaborative team player and can mediate differences in opinion.
  • Communicate ideas in an articulate manner with your team, technical and non-technical audiences through written, oral and presentation mediums.
  • Open to trying different approaches to arrive at the best possible solution.
  • Able to accept and adapt quickly and constructively to change.
  • Keen to learn and self-improve.
  • Inclined towards making work simple and organized.
  • Able to easily switch between thinking creatively and analytically.
  • It Is natural to understand and share our users’ emotions.
  • A big dreamer with guts to get into the unknown. 

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