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60 Decibels is a tech-powered impact measurement company that makes it easy to listen to the people who matter most. We’ve been in business as an independent entity since early 2019, when we spun out of the global Impact Investor Acumen.

We believe that the best way to understand social impact is by talking to the people experiencing that impact. It sounds obvious when you say it, but that is not the typical practice for many impact investors, corporations and foundations working to create social change. 

We collect social impact data directly from beneficiaries (customers / employees / suppliers) using our network of 1000+ trained research assistants in 75+ countries. We do it quickly and without the fuss typically associated with measuring social impact. Our research assistants speak directly to customers to understand their lived experience; and our team turns all this data into benchmarked social performance reports, with accompanying insights, to help our clients demonstrate and improve social performance. 

By making impact measurement simple, scalable, and comparable, we not only enable organizations to improve their products and services; we also help transform what it means to credibly measure impact, ensuring that the voices of those who matter most are always part of the story.

About the Role

We’re looking for a Data Visualisation Lead who is experienced in building interactive dashboards and reports, to help us take our visualisations to the next level. We are known for creating top-quality data visualisations for our clients, and we want to bring these to life with online client/public-facing dashboards that become a core part of our offering and that drive client delight and retention. We are transitioning all of our online data visualisation to Tableau, and moving away from PowerBI.

Your primary responsibilities will be to design and deliver client-facing and public data narratives. This successful visual representation of data will drive client attention and action towards their results, and help further our mission to make the use of client-based social impact data the norm for companies and investors that aim to create social impact. Over time, you will be a key part of realizing our medium-term goal to put online data visualisations on equal footing, from our clients’ and the market’s perspective, with the PowerPoint reports we deliver to our clients today. 

In this role you will:

Thoroughly understand our business domain, data models, data-warehouse and data processing systems.
Develop dashboards on Tableau, consisting of interactive charts, images & navigation.
Identify, define and configure charts & dashboards which best convey insights to our customers, using SQL, DAX and other relevant query languages.
Deliver user-facing reports of high quality in terms of accuracy, consumability and visual aesthetics as set by 60 Decibels.
Collaborate with our marketing, design, and services teams to refine requirements.
Explore, identify, and define best practices for our team, allowing us to maintain high deliverable quality, and operate efficiently at scale.
Train and mentor our Project Teams in the use of data visualisation tools.
Evaluate and adopt new tools and techniques to better our consumer offering as we grow and scale our business.
About you

First and foremost, you bring passion and dedication to this work because it matters to you.

You are a pragmatic data visualisation developer who is passionate about using data to convey useful insights to an audience. You are a hands-on expert on industry-standard tools used for dashboards and data-visualisation. You take pride in your ability to build visually appealing, easy to understand dashboards with a high attention to detail. You successfully balance flexibility and rigor, using informed judgement to make decisions. You model critical thinking and introspection, taking strategic risks and growing from mistakes. You are decisive and bold, have a growth mindset, are an excellent communicator, and know the value of being a part of an effective team.

Minimum Qualification:

3+ years of hands-on experience in building cutting edge dashboards using tools such as Tableau.You are an expert in Tableau. 
Strong command over SQL, DAX and related mechanisms to extract, transform, filter and represent data.
Ability to consume data (rows & columns), suggest and construct charts that best represent the data.
Strong understanding of data visualization best practices and design principles: you have built dashboards against a design spec and can maintain design consistency across dashboards.
Experience working with databases (RDBMS, such as Postgres) and data warehouses (ex: AWS RedShift).
Excellent communication skills, and ability to communicate across business functions and at all stakeholder levels.
Additional Desired Qualifications:

Experience developing data transformation, ETL and data-pipeline systems (Example: Matillion, python-dbt etc) using tools.
Scripting experience in Python. Experience using Python for data operations.
Experience configuring and managing data-centric managed services on public clouds, such as AWS.


Our ideal candidate is based either in Bengaluru or London but we are open to a fully remote role for an exceptional candidate. If you are based in Bengaluru or London, you have the flexibility to work in a hybrid model, with 2-3 days in the office and the remaining from home. 

 About our team and our culture: we are a fun and hardworking global team that is full of smart, mission-driven folks who combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to make a positive change in the world.  

We consistently hear from our clients that the best thing about 60 Decibels is the people. To get a feel for our slightly nerdy, not-take-ourselves-too-seriously vibe, check out our monthly newsletter, The Volume.

Compensation: 60 Decibels offers a competitive salary and benefits package and the opportunity to work in a flexible, fun and supportive environment. The salary range will be adjusted according to costs of living in our country offices. 

Extra Perks: We have an unlimited leave policy and 12 monthly recharge days, on the first Friday of each month. We are a globally distributed team and we give team members opportunities to cross-pollinate and visit our different offices. 

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