Computer Aided Design Engineer

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 a year ago

Duration: Contract - 3 years

Compensation: $70-75/hr some flexibility may be possible based on experience

Remote: Any Location in the US

COVID Vaccine Required


5+ years of experience CADD Engineer focused on roadway design and engineering.

1+ year of experience with Bentley Microstation and OpenRoads Designer Connect

Experience troubleshooting tickets (ex: updating software pushouts, assisting with platform, designer development, etc.)

Experience with continuous implementation and carrying project through asset management.

Clearable US Citizen

Nice to Have:

Department of Transportation/Transportation Department/State Government industry background

Experience with OpenRoads SignCAD

Experience with Open Bridge Modeler

ProjectWise (for preconstruction)

Developed urban drainage project

Civil Engineering Degree


Our client has multimodal responsibilities in roadways, aviation, public transit, waterways, and railroad. They are seeking a CAD/CADD Engineer to join their team of four and provide technical and operational support for their Bentley CAD implementation and carry the project all the way through asset management. The CAD Engineer will need a strong background focused on roadway design and development, strong experience with Bentley Microstation and OpenRoads Designer Connect, strong troubleshooting abilities for tickets (10% of the time) related to interfacing with new programs, work arounds, hybrid solutions, retraining on the platform, work directly with the IT Division on updated software push outs which occur 2x per year, and facilitate increased sharing of CADD design data amount engineering and non-engineer work groups. It would be advantageous to have experience designing and developing an urban drainage project with GeoPak and have experience with OpenRoads SignCAD, ProjectWise (for preconstruction), and Open Bridge Modeler.

Responsibilities Include:

Proper management and technical operation of the Bentley CADD platform, as well as associated dependencies and databases

Planning for all CADD software installations including upgrades, software patches and the set-up of new user accounts

Working closely with the Engineers, Surveyors, Geographic Information System ("GIS") users and Photogrammetrists to develop strategies for making GIS and CADD data accessible by all platforms.

Providing all necessary assistance to IT staff personnel to ensure successful migration to the Bentley OpenRoads Designer 3D design environment, as well as implementation of streamlined design and drawing management systems to improve the efficiency of our client's design and construction processes.

Create and support plotting routines that will enable efficient output of large format, technical drawings by Engineers, Surveyors and CADD Technicians (5%)

Support the use of the most current version of MicroStation software and extensions that are currently in use and anticipated for future migration (20%)

For all Bentley software, develop installation procedures to be used by IT's Service Desk Technicians (5%)

Assist in monitoring and administering the Bentley EPS-365 / Enterprise License Subscription (5%)

Serve as a Subject Matter Expert ("SME") for any IT development efforts and Roadway Design Quality Management efforts, including reviewing the 3D model in both Open Roads Designer and Open Bridge Designer for project submittals, knowledge of Introduction to Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) (40%)

Serve as SME for all efforts to streamline and improve design, construction and maintenance processes that are dependent upon survey and engineering data (20%)

Assist in general support of CADD operations, including leading a MicroStation user group and consultant survey and design user group (5%)




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